Licence Number: LN/000000994 Issued by Wakefield Council


One of the things we offer, here at Reptilia, is the chance to be able to book a birthday party for any kind of animal lover!
We offer the opportunity to feed, handle and interact with a wide variety of animals from reptiles to invertebrates!
This is the perfect birthday party opportunity for ages from 6years +

You will get the chance to look around our jungle themed party room that is filled with animals and over the course of the party, get some of them out to handle.

The animal activities will last for an hour and a half and party bags and drinks are included
Due to the risk of cross contamination we provide hand sanitizer and the facilities to wash your hands before and after any interaction with animals. 
Due to recent food allergy regulations we are no longer able to offer party food as an option, although a birthday maybe brought and consumed once hand washing has been completed. 
Our party bags contain:  A party leaflet, a small toy, selection of sweets, lolly.
We recommend a maximum of 5 adults upstairs to make sure we comply to our fire regulations, this also frees space to be able to get out some of the larger animals.

PLEASE NOTE: There are birds situated around the party room that all consume nuts, please be aware if anyone has a nut allergy they CANNOT participate in a party.
This also stands for any other allergies that may be affected, please feel free to give us a call to ask any questions.

and lastly...
If you do choose to book a party with us, we ensure a truly memorable experience and don't forget to bring the camera!!